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Find Help Georgia
Support is just a click, chat, or call away.

Finding Help Made Easy

We make it easy for organizations to connect people to social care services and follow up more quickly. We offer a free suite of tools for organizations to streamline care management and increase impact. Find Help Georgia lists thousands of organizations throughout the state serving their local communities. We partner with the national platform findhelp to verify each listing, and organizations can update their information independently, ensuring our listings are accurate.

The Find Help Georgia allows anyone at your organization to manage program listings, close referral loops, add team members, analyze program demand, set up eligibility screeners, schedule appointments, and more — all in one place and for free.

For technical assistance using, please contact [email protected].

1. Create Your Account 

Create a free account at by selecting “Sign Up” at the top right and entering your name, work email and password.

2. Add Your Organization 

Organizations! Make sure your programs are listed in the Find Help social care network so help seekers can easily connect to your services.

  • Go to
  • Search and verify your program isn’t already listed.
  • If your program isn’t already listed, you will be prompted to “Suggest a Program” for Find Help to review and add.
  • You should hear from within two business days.

3. Claim Your Program 

Streamline Social Care. Organizations can claim their program listing on Find Help to keep their listing and profile up-to-date, along with receiving and giving referrals.

  • Go to
  • Enter the name of your program or organization, then click “Search.”
  • Select the program(s) you’d like to claim and click the “Claim” button.
  • Create and account by entering your name, work email and password.
  • You should hear from within two business days.

Welcome to the training center. We’ve set up a series of free trainings to help you learn more about Find Help Georgia and to help you and your organization use the free tools available through the platform. You’ll learn how to search and refer programs, claim your program listing, and even become a certified resource navigator!

Find Help General Overview (10-30 Minutes)

Looking to request a speaker for your upcoming virtual meeting? Our trained team of experts will give a brief summary of the platform’s mission, discuss how you can use this free resource to support your community and stakeholders, and guide you on the next steps and actions to take on behalf of your programs? Email your request to [email protected]

Find Help Georgia Workshop  (2-Hour)

Do you help connect families or individuals to community resources or supportive programs? Find Help Georgia makes providing help easier! We provide a hands on virtual 2-hour workshop that equips you and your staff to claim and update your Find Help Georgia program listing, search the platform, refer people to programs, and respond to incoming referrals. This workshop also reviews intake options, how to connect your team and program analysis.

By completing our Find Help Georgia 2-hour workshop and passing an “open book” quiz, you will be a Find Help Georgia Certified Navigator. Register for the open 2024 dates below. Three business days prior to attending a training you will need to complete these three steps.

In need of additional presentation or training options? Please email [email protected]!

Office Hours:

Open only for those who have completed the Find Help Georgia Workshop (the training above) and become a Find Help Georgia Certified Navigator. We provide continual support and technical assistance to our Find Help Georgia Certified Navigators. Office hours is the perfect time to learn about Find Help Georgia updates, get support on platform questions, and learn from other’s questions. All office hours occur monthly and last 45 minutes.
Register for an upcoming Office Hours:

Become an Expert!

If you are a “Helper” and do not have a program listing on Find Help Georgia, but you want to take your knowledge to the next level? We still encourage you to become certified! Once you take both the 101 and 201 courses with Georgia’s Community Engagement Partner with, they will send you a short exam. Pass the exam and you’ll be certified! After you pass your certification, they will send you a badge for your website and professional networks. Programs where you work will also be elevated in the search engine listing for your expertise as a find help navigator.

Find upcoming Georgia trainings here, in English or Spanish.

Help Us Promote Find Help Georgia with these FREE RESOURCES!

Whether you work directly or indirectly with people, you know that everyone is in need of supportive resources from time to time. Find Help Georgia encourages everyone to use the content provided below to promote Find Help Georgia among community members, caregivers, providers, and other child and family serving professionals.

    • Encourage families you serve to call a Find Help Georgia Resource Specialist (1-800-244-5373) to talk to trained professionals who will connect them with supportive programs.
    • USE which contains thousands of local and statewide programs designed to assist and support families. See what services are available, add more you know are missing, and claim your program listing.
    • DOWNLOAD the Find Help Georgia mobile app to use with clients.                                                        
    • Print flyers (half page, prints on 8.5” x 11”) for your organization, request mailed materials, and more. Encourage families to use this FREE platform to connect to resources.
    • Link to your website for parents and professions to use. You can also request code to embed a Find Help Georgia search box on your website from [email protected].

Find Help Georgia Search Box Code for Your Website

Option 1:

Copy and paste the following code into your website:

<iframe src=”!&text_search=true&&” width=100% height=200% scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Option 2:

Copy and Paste the following code into your website:

<iframe src=”” width=100% scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe>
<iframe src=” https://YOURWEBSITE.ORG/&website=,+food,+housing+and+more+in+your+area&postal_placeholder=Enter+your+ZIP+code&text_search=false&show_branding=true” width=”100%”
scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Downloadable Promotional Tools

Newsletter Blurbs

Download Content and Images

Audience: Help Seekers

Whether it’s financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, help to pay for childcare, job training, and other free or reduced-cost services, needed resources can be found on and the mobile app (Google Play Store or Apple Store)!

Search for help on by ZIP code, browse by category, search by keyword, program name, or organization name, and filter results to find the most relevant programs to your needs. Want additional help? You can also speak directly with a Find Help Georgia resource specialist by phone (1-800-244-5373, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) or through an online chat at to locate resources near you.

Once you find the help you are looking for, you can email, text or print out those resources and connect with them as you need. It’s that simple, and your privacy is ensured! is also available in more than 100 Languages and the Find Help Georgia resource specialist are bilingual.

It is now easier to find help with!

Audience: Helpers (People connecting others with resources)

Whether you work directly or indirectly with people, you know that everyone needs supportive resources from time to time. When helping others find the resources they need, we encourage you to use, an easy-to-use virtual resource center. There are a variety of ways to search for resources:

Organizations can add and manage their listing on Find Help Georgia so that it is up-to-date and easy for help seekers to find. They can also give and receive direct referrals as well as use a variety of other tools that help in the social care workflow process. We encourage any individual or organization connecting individuals to community resources to attend a free Find Help Georgia workshop, where you can become a Find Help Certified Navigator. Register for an upcoming training at

It is now easier to connect people in need of social services and find help with!


Audience: Family Serving Professionals

It takes parents, caregivers and supportive RESOURCES to help children thrive. As family serving  professionals you know parents are often in complex situations and in need of community support.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Encourage families you serve to call a Find Help Georgia Resource Specialist (1-800-244-5373) to talk  to trained professionals to connect them with supportive programs in their area.

2.Go online to use, which contains thousands of local and statewide programs designed to assist and support families. See what services are available in the areas where you serve families. You can also download Find Help Georgia’s mobile app (Google Play Store or Apple Store).

3. Access a printable flyer (half page, prints on 8.5” x 11”) for your organization or agency.

4. Sign up for a  workshop to discover how to use Find Help Georgia’s resource and referral tools at

Find Help Georgia can connect caregivers with:

  • Parenting support
  • After school and other child programs
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Referrals for legal needs
  • Grandparent raising grandchildren
  • Concerns about well-being of a child or family member

Findhelp Provider Tools 

Once you’re logged into your account, navigate to the top right corner and locate “My Program Tools.”

This menu is your central navigation. You have access to all your tools, reporting, and editing capabilities from here!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need additional step-by-step instructions, you  have access directly from your account!

Other findhelp Features

  • Update Your Program
  • Share Access with Your Team
  • Track Referrals
  • Assess Impact
  • Create Screening Forms
  • Display Eligibility
  • Add a Simple Search Box on Your Website
  • Find Help FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Download FAQ PDF

Simply, claiming your program makes you the “keyholder” to the listing on It unlocks free features like: the ability to update your program’s information (location, hours of operation, availability, eligibility requirements, etc), managing referrals in real time, and access to customized reporting and analytics tools.

To Claim your Organization

Head over to to get started. Follow the how-to guide if you need more help or watch this instructional video.

First, thank you! You’ll be hearing from a team member at findhelp, the technology company that powers Find Help Georgia who can act as a resource for any questions you may have about the new free features you’ve unlocked. You can also head here for more information and how-to’s. Still not finding what you need? Email the findhelp team at [email protected].

Claiming your program has tons of great (and free!) benefits. When you claim today, you will…

  • Have the ability to get the right information about your programs to people in need by easily updating key information, like:
    your location, hours of operation, availability, eligibility requirements, supported languages, etc.
  • Gain access to free tools to help you help others, including:
  • Referrals and outcome tracking
  • The ability to link to an eligibility screener or your own online application
  • Analytics of what programs and services people are searching for in your area, which can be exported for use in
    impactful presentations and funding applications
  • Appointment scheduling directly from the platform
  • Identification as a Claimed Organization on Find Help Georgia with a badge on your program listing, helping you
    stand out as an engaged and valid resource.

Updating your listing is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Follow the how-to article here. You only need to update your program’s listing when something has changed. Have you moved to a new office? Changed your eligibility requirements? Is your availability full? Just a couple minutes lets people know your program’s most up to date information.


I can commit to serving the individuals sent through your platform, but I can’t update the status of referrals because my staff does not have time. Can the platform accommodate that?

Yes. When a referral is made, an email notification is also sent to the person (or people) of your organization’s choosing (learn to update who receives referral notifications here). Staff can simply update the status of each referral via that email notification – no login required! This is a low maintenance approach for Organizations, that still allows Find Help Georgia to know when a community member has received services.

Yes! The platform is 100% free to use for Organizations. Organizations that provide services are never charged to create accounts, list their programs on the site, claim their listings, get or respond to referrals (which we hope you all will!).

Yes. First and foremost, we want to let folks in need or those helping them navigate know the current status of your program to help them determine if now is the best time to reach out. As a claimed program, your organization has the ability to edit the ‘status’ of each program offered so it more accurately reflects the level of service currently available. More on how to update program status here. Updating the status of the program creates a visual indication on the program card (see below) and reduces the likelihood the program will appear in searches.

However, updating the status does not prevent people in need from attempting to connect to the program! To that end, we want to ensure that if someone in need does reach out, they get a response to their inquiry – even if that response lets the seeker know your organization doesn’t have the capacity to help right now, or is working off a waitlist. To respond, simply indicate a lack of capacity via the email notifications we send, or update it within the platform’s dashboards. See more details on updating status of referrals here.

Ultimately, we believe that addressing social care is a big challenge, so there can be a big tent when it comes to solving it. This tent can (and sometimes does) include findhelp and other systems in some areas. We do, of course, hope Organizations choose to use findhelp and the platforms we power! We work to earn Organization’s trust and participation by providing a few key differentiators:

  • Making it simple! We like to think our tools are easy to use and we’ll train Organizations on how they can make the most out of onboarding. Because we make it easy to close the loop, we hope to limit the burden if and when Organizations may be using two or more solutions. An example of this easy access is the fact that Organizations can respond to a community memberʼs request for help right from their email inbox – no login required.
  • Operating community-facing sites plus a public, free version that is accessible to anyone. No one else does this.
  • Providing free reporting and analytics, among other features – we provide Organizations the ability to share their impact as an incentive to use the platform. This is provided with no strings attached.
  • Giving Organizations seats at the table – hosting workshops to learn about their workflows and needs, then doing what it takes to make the platform work for them, rather than the other way around.

How do findhelp and United Way/2-1-1 work together?

Findhelp and United Way are not mutually exclusive options—we complement each other at many points along the continuum of care. Because United Way is accessible by 95% of the population, it will continue to be a major channel for social services assistance. That said, a growing number of individuals facing difficult circumstances are comfortable using a computer or mobile device—in fact, 65% of Seekers access findhelp on their mobile device. There is much opportunity for collaboration between findhelp and 2-1-1. For example, if a self-service search on findhelp drives down the number of calls to a 2-1-1 call center, that frees up call center staff to do other things that can help people in more meaningful ways (like getting them enrolled in health insurance). We are always open to conversations with local 2-1-1s to explore how we can best work together to serve the needs in communities across the U.S including building sustainable integrations around program data and sharing aggregate reporting.

First, weʼd love to hear your feedback on reports or impact analysis your organization does not currently have access to that findhelp may be able to supplement with. Secondly, our main mission with this project is that people in need receive responses to their requests for services. While we hope you find the other tools like eligibility screening useful, if nothing else, please update the status of connections you receive so we can get back to the requester. You can do so right from your email inbox.

Findhelp (and all the sites they power including are fully HIPAA compliant and are HITRUST certified. Making and responding to referrals is fully safe and secure. We are happy to connect you directly with the findhelp team to talk more specifically about privacy concerns.

Findhelp is committed to respecting the time, bandwidth, and existing workflows of community organizations – including intake, care, or case management systems. Currently the platform’s free tools to support this work include:

  • Downloadable reporting which can be used in existing systems
  • Low lift referral update options – referrals can be updated from email (no login required)

The team at findhelp welcomes the opportunity to review and discuss your existing systems as they continually work to evaluate ways to better support organizations that are providing social care to their communities – let me know if you’d like me to connect you to them!

I work for an organization providing housing that is federally mandated to use a coordinated intake/entry process set up in my state. How does findhelp fit into this?

Findhelp has supported organizations who have mandates around coordinated assessment/intake/entry in the past, but recognizes the uniqueness to how each state or county approaches coordinated entry. We’d love to connect you to the findhelp team to explore how the platform may be able to support your organization.

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